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The Board of Embalmers and Funeral Directors was established as State Board of Embalmers in 1934. KRS Chapter 316 governs the Board. The Board consists of five Board members, office staff and an inspector. The Board’s objective is to prescribe the standards of efficiency for those who are engaged in the practice of funeral directing and embalming. The Board also adopts, promulgates and enforces regulations for the transaction of the funeral establishments and embalming business, the management of its affairs, and the promotion of the educational standards of the professions.

This series documents the major activities, organizational functions, history and programs of an agency and the events involving the formulation, evolution, and ultimate announcement of agency policy. Official correspondence is typically created by the upper-level administrative staff of an agency (director or above), or the general counsel. It can be in paper or electronic form. Official correspondence is incoming and outgoing correspondence that may consist of: letters, notes, memoranda, directives, policy statements, and other information commonly found in the body of an e-mail message and/or any attachments to the message. Electronic mail messages also contain transactional information (sender, recipient, date, subject, etc.) in the header of the message and in the properties field of the electronic file.

Kentucky. Board of Embalmers and Funeral Directors

Official correspondence, October 4, 2012

Kentucky. Board of Embalmers and Funeral Directors

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