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Breaks Interstate Park Commission

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This series consists of any publication produced for general public distribution, regardless of format, that documents agency history, agency-related functions or agency activities. It does not include materials issued for internal administrative use, such as manuals of operation. Publications contain important facts and statistics about the operation of the agency and its policies. They provide information, often in summarized form, which aids in understanding the history or administrative functioning of an agency. Series contains publications and reports.

Kentucky. Breaks Interstate Park

This series represents maps, intended for public distribution, which consist of images and/or data plotted to show geographic points at which various objects, incidents or phenomena occur across the Commonwealth. Examples of these include highways, topographical or geological features, recreational trails, stockyards or public hunting areas in Kentucky. These maps may be printed and maintained in paper or maintained in electronic format. Electronic maps may be static images or dynamic packages produced by a Geographic Information System (GIS). Some of this information is made available through the KYGEONET, Kentucky's enterprise geographic information system. The KYGEONET is Series 05431, scheduled under the Division of Geographic Information. Series contains: spatial coordinates; plotted images and/or data. May contain: appropriate metadata.

Kentucky. Breaks Interstate Park

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