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Hearing Instrument Specialists, Licensing Board of

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This series documents the major activities, organizational functions, history and programs of an agency and the events involving the formulation, evolution, and ultimate announcement of agency policy. Official correspondence is typically created by the upper-level administrative staff of an agency (director or above), or the general counsel. It can be in paper or electronic form. Official correspondence is incoming and outgoing correspondence that may consist of: letters, notes, memoranda, directives, policy statements, and other information commonly found in the body of an e-mail message and/or any attachments to the message. Electronic mail messages also contain transactional information (sender, recipient, date, subject, etc.) in the header of the message and in the properties field of the electronic file.

Kentucky. Licensing Board of Hearing Instrument Specialists

This series documents the official record of proceedings of meetings. It provides information about the activities of the entity, the actions it took in regard to the issues brought before it, and the decisions rendered. Minutes of meetings constitute adequate and proper documentation of essential agency transactions and organizational functions, as required in KRS 171.640. Boards, commissions, councils, task forces, etc, which were established by statute or executive order, or those entities which establish or administer policy are examples for which minutes should be created. Series contains: Date of meeting; time of meeting; location of meeting; name of board members or authorized proxies present; identification of those not present; decisions rendered; issues discussed; record of votes. May also include agendas and materials distributed for discussion and approval.

Kentucky. Licensing Board of Hearing Instrument Specialists

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