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Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission

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This series documents the process taken by the Kentucky Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission (KOSHRC) when employers are cited by the Kentucky Labor Cabinet, Division of Occupational Safety and Health Compliance for alleged violations of Kentucky's Occupational Safety and Health Act and Standards, and/or an employer or employee contests the citations. Once an employer files a notice of contest, the case comes under the jurisdiction of KOSHRC which shall "afford an opportunity for a hearing," per KRS 338.141 (3). A hearing officer is assigned; and in the event the case is not settled, the hearing officer will then conduct a hearing on the merits. The Hearing Officer's Recommended Order may be appealed to the Full Review Commission. (KRS 338.071 (4)). If the case is not resolved at the administrative level, an aggrieved party may file an appeal in Franklin Circuit Court. (KRS 338.091 (1)). Series may contain: Occupational safety and health citations and notification of penalty, the notice of contest, complaint, answer, pleadings and commission orders; interlocutory orders; settlement agreement or a hearing transcript, exhibits, a recommended order, commission decision. If an aggrieved party files an appeal the file may contain: briefs, decision; and all legal documentation and proceedings.

Kentucky. Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission

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