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Packhorse Librarian Album, Introduction, not dated

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"The Library Extension Division, through its Director,Miss Lena B. Nofcier, has been of great assistance in the organizing of these struggling libraries. Through cooperation with P.T.A.'s in the state she has secured many donations of good books and magazines; for these libraries are largely dependent for their collections upon the gifts of all types of literary materials which have been received from as many as thirty-six separate states. / All in all, it is estimated that more than 150,000 books and a like number of magazines have been contributed to these libraries in the past few years. / Credit is due also to the Fiscal Courts, County Boards of Education, Superintendents of Schools, etc., without whose sponsorship, these county library projects would not have been possible." Second page of introduction, not dated- scanned

Kentucky. State Librarian

"W.P.A. Libraries In Kentucky- With sixty-seven percent of the population of Kentucky without public library services, the advent of the Federal Works Program provided an opporotunity to reduce greatly this total. Faced with the necessity of finding immediate work for needy people, the program began many types of projects. / The first Packhorse Library was inaugurated in Leslie County in 1934. It met with instantaneous approval for it provided not only the desired work, but also a type of service that benefitted thousands of persons besides the workers themselves. / The second Packhorse Library was established in Harlan County and the program has developed until now there are forty-seven counties with county-wide library service operated by the W.P.A., and nine other counties in which W.P.A. personnel assistance is furnished to public libraries, thereby enabling them to extend their services." First page of introduction, not dated- scanned

Kentucky. State Librarian

"Recently all of these local library procjects have been superseded by a Statewide Library Project sponsored by the Library Extension Division and numerous local co-sponsors. This set-up will enable the W.P.A. to provide better supervision and training of the library workers, and will provide certain funds for the purchase of new books and materials to improve the collections of theses libraires. / Eventually it is hoped that with improved financial and economic conditions, the individual counties will be able to take over these libraries and operate them as a regular function of community life." Third page of introduction, not dated- scanned

Kentucky. State Librarian

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