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Ethics Commission, Legislative

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This series consists of any publication produced for general public distribution, regardless of format, that documents agency history, agency-related functions or agency activities. It does not include materials issued for internal administrative use, such as manuals of operation. Publications contain important facts and statistics about the operation of the agency and its policies. They provide information, often in summarized form, which aids in understanding the history or administrative functioning of an agency.

Kentucky. Legislative Ethics Commission

This series documents the official record of proceedings of meetings. It provides information about the activities of the entity, the actions it took in regard to the issues brought before it, and the decisions rendered. Minutes of meetings constitute adequate and proper documentation of essential agency transactions and organizational functions, as required in KRS 171.640. Boards, commissions, councils, task forces, etc, which were established by statute or executive order, or those entities which establish or administer policy are examples for which minutes should be created.

Kentucky. Legislative Ethics Commission

This series provides a framework for the management of agencies and the administration of programs. Policies and procedures are developed to help agencies manage their programs and to assist staff in their administration. Policies derive from the authority of the agency, as established by the laws under which it operates. They are an authoritative communication that sets a definite course or method of action. Policies guide and help determine present and future decisions. Procedures reflect the steps resulting from policies to be followed in providing services or activities.

Kentucky. Legislative Ethics Commission

This series functions as a comprehensive summary of agency activities, services, and results of the past year. Staff report initiatives, objectives, changes in responsibilities, or accomplishments to convey the mission of the agency. Summary reports condense the main points of programs or projects in the agency. The reports are usually published and are for general public distribution. The series provides essential and adequate documentation of agency transactions (KRS 171.640) and, as such, is crucial to an understanding of the administrative history of an organization. Series may contain: Date; statement from chief administrative officer; programs administered; who was served; photographs; staff support; program accomplishments with comparison to previous years; financial information; project statistics; supporting materials.

Kentucky. Legslative Ethics Commission

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