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Buckner, Simon Bolivar Governor

Object Type: Folder
In Folder: Governor's Office


This series documents all Executive Orders, excluding those commissioning Kentucky Colonels, executed by the Governor's Office and provides a summary of their purpose or function. It provides a compilation of the Governor's official actions, including veto statements received after the adjournment of the General Assembly. The series lacks the signatures of the Governor and the Secretary of State, and no seal is affixed. It is used as a reference tool to locate original Orders. Indexes are included in the series. Series contains: Date; executive order number; executive order summary.

Kentucky. Secretary of State

This series documents the request of the Governor directing the Secretary of State to prepare the requisition papers for the return of a fugitive to Kentucky. The requisition order is another type of executive order (04354) and follows the same procedure as other orders. The order is returned to the Governor for his signature. The requisition and other supporting documents (but not the executive order) is sent to the Governor of the state where the fugitive is being held. The requisition order is generally initiated at the request of a Commonwealths' Attorney. The Secretary of State will keep an executed copy of the order (Governor's Executive Order File (04562) - Secretary of State schedule) with the request from the Commonwealths' Attorney. The Governor's Office does not retain duplicates of what is sent out of state. * Other supporting documents, should they exist, will be filed in the central files alphabetically. Series contains: Copy of order with the name of the fugitive, state to which the order is filed; correspondence following case

Kentucky. Secretary of State

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