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Pike County Clerk

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This record series is used to document marriages that have been legally performed. The marriage record documents the legal union of man and woman as husband and wife. Marriage books prior to the unified marriage from beginning August, 1984, varied in content and format between counties and over date spans. Each of these series may also be maintained as a distinct loose paper record series or as a distinct volume. The unified marriage book (since Aug. 1984) contains the marriage license, certificate of time & place of marriage, & county clerk's certificate of recording. Parental permissions are frequently also included. The marriage license provides for husband & wife full name, date of birth & age, birthplace, race, condition (single, widowed, divorced), number of previous marriages, name of father, maiden name of mother, occupation, & residence. The license includes the county clerks certificate of issuance which indicates when the license was issued by which county clerk. The certificate of time and place of marriage provides the name of the person who performed the ceremony & his/her religious affiliation or civil authority, the names of husband & wife, the time & location where the marriage occurred, & the names of witnesses. It is signed & dated by the minister or city authority who performed the ceremony. The clerk recording certificate indicates recording date & book and page number. This record series may contain marriage license, bond, register or return, certificate, and parental permission slips. These contain the name of the bride and groom, age, date of marriage, certification by person performing the marriage, date of actual marriage, occupation of participants, county and directory information.

Kentucky. Pike County Clerk

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